Basic Information

First Day of Trading: 30 April 2021
Issuer: tonies SE
Stock Exchange: Frankfurt
Market Segment: Regulated Market (Prime Standard)
Public Share ISIN: LU2333563281
Public Share WKN: A3CM2W
Public Share Ticker Symbol: TNIE
Total number of shares issued as of February 28, 2023: 126,847,586
Total number of shares outstanding as of February 28, 2023: 112,167,091
Share Capital as of November 29, 2022: EUR 2,029,561.38
Type of Shares: Class A Shares (Public Shares)
Paying Agent: Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A.

Shareholder Structure

Armira 27.5 %
Treasury Shares 11.0 %
Höllenhunde GmbH 8.3 %
468 SPAC Sponsors 6.8 %
Santo Ella Co-Invest GmbH & Co. KG 5.5 %
Public Float 40.9 %

Last Update: 04.09.2023
Based on official publications incl. voting right notifications



Institution Analyst E-Mail Adress
Alster Research Oliver Wojahn
Berenberg Gerhard Orgonas
Hauck & Aufhäuser Christian Salis
Warburg Thilo Kleibauer


Here you can find all relevant information and documents related to our listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

IPO News

26-11-2021 Successful completion of the business combination
15-11-2021 468 SPAC I SE obtains 100% shareholder approval and 0.02% redemption rate, paving the way for its business combination with Boxine GmbH and listing as tonies SE
30-08-2021 Boxine GmbH is to become publicly listed via a Business Combination with 468 SPAC I SE
17-06-2021 Boxine GmbH confirms talks with 468 SPAC to combine the two businesses
29-04-2021 468 SPAC I SE: completes €300 million private placement
16-04-2021 468 SPAC I SE: Appointment of liquidation body for the issuance of dematerialised shares
13-04-2021 468 SPAC I SE: announces its intention to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

IPO Documents

26-11-2021 Prospectus tonies SE - English Summary
26-11-2021 Prospectus tonies SE
26-11-2021 tonies SE: Share buyback offer
15-11-2021 Voting Results Extraordinary General Meeting
30-08-2021 Business Combination Agreement (BCA)
30-08-2021 Selected relevant BCA Schedules
29-04-2021 Prospectus 468 SPAC I SE
26-04-2021 468 SPAC I SE: Terms and Conditions Public Warrants